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AllTell cell cards terms & conditions:

Funds deposited into your cell cards account expire after 90 days. If additional funds are placed into your account before the current account balance expires, the existing cell cards balance will be carried over to the new expiration date.

For all incoming calls, the length of the call will be measured during the time that you are connected to our system, which is approximately from the time you press 'Send' or other key to answer a call until approximately the time you press 'End,' or other key to terminate the call. For all outgoing Service, the length of the call will be measured from when you are released by the automated balance notification system until approximately the time you press 'End,' or other key to terminate the call. Airtime cell cards usage on each call is deducted in full minute increments, with partial minutes of use rounded up to the next full minute.

Airtime cell cards cannot be returned or exchanged once purchased.

You cannot place calls to 500, 700, 855, 900 or 976 numbers; or place operator-assisted calls such as third-party-billed and collect calls.

You will be billed at domestic airtime cell cards rates for calls to 800, 866, 888, 877 and other 'toll free' numbers.

There may be a surcharge for incoming calls made from pay phones.

Directory Assistance is billed at $1.25 per call plus applicable per minute airtime.

No charge for text messages received. Send, forward, and reply to messages for $0.10 per message.

If an incoming call has been forwarded to another phone number, you will be charged $0.25 per minute for the entire time that the system handles the call.

Get the most out of your wireless service cell cards by knowing the parameters of your Agreement with us. Your relationship with the carrier is governed by the Terms and Conditions contained in the User Guide that you received when you initially signed up for service. The Terms and Conditions explain our respective legal rights concerning all aspects of our relationship, including: -Rates and charges -Availability of the prepaid wireless service and features -Replenishment and expiration of balances -Privacy and confidentiality -Modifications to the Agreement -Limitations of liability and warranty -Resolution of disputes by arbitration instead of court trials and class actions

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