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AT&T cell cards terms & conditions:

By using to buy your favorite AT&T Free-2-Go prepaid cell cards you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. To allow immediate delivery and instant availability, no AT&T Free-2-Go cell cards will be mailed or shipped. All orders will be electronically delivered.

You specifically understand that AT&T cell card pins, once released, can not be returned, exchanged, refunded or, replaced. AT&T prepaid cell cards manufacturers have the right to change rates at any time without notice. Rate changes on AT&T Free-2-Go Cell Cards, once applied, are immediate and will affect both the balance remaining on previously bought Cell cards and future purchased prepaid refill cards. is not responsible for rate changes and will not offer credit, compensation and/or refund for any AT&T prepaid refill cell cards that are affected by the same. Neither AT&T Free-2-Go prepaid cell card manufacturers, AT&T refill card network providers nor make any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the conditions or fitness of the services offered for any particular use or purpose. All AT&T Free-2-Go Prepaid Refill Cards are sold AS IS, WHERE IS. AT&T Free-2-Go Prepaid Cell Cards are not intended for emergency use.

Calls made from payphones using AT&T prepaid cell cards are subject to additional charge. Maintenance fees may apply to all AT&T Free-2-Go cell cards. Three minute rounding applies to all AT&T Free-2-Go cell cards (unless stated otherwise). Communication fee and long calls fee may apply to all AT&T Free-2-Go prepaid cell cards. Calls made using AT&T Free-2-Go cell cards and terminating to mobile phones may be billed at a higher rate. You cannot place calls to 500, 700, 855, 900 or 976 numbers, or place operator-assisted calls such as third-party-billed and collect calls. Application of surcharges and fees will result in reducing the total minutes delivered by AT&T Free-2-Go Cell Cards. Minute information is based on entire AT&T Free-2-Go Refill Card being used in ONE single call. AT&T cell cards are not returnable or exchangeable and all sales are FINAL.

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